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Mastering the modern digital machine

Consistently achieving great results in ppc advertising requires having a solid understanding of data and a  deep comfort with numbers. Modern digital advertising is based more on math, logic and empiricism than  artistic creativity. The Mad Men are gone, the Math Men are in. To thrive in the modern digital jungle,  organizations must obey the four horsemen of digital outreach: a/b testing, algorithms, setting goals and  KPI's/cross-platform integration. This is a protocol I designed to remove all subjectivity from an  organization's outreach processes.

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A/B Testing

Influencing public perception is no longer based on hunches, creative inspiration or focus groups. Those  are the old days. With all the data available at your fingertips today, you have to use objective analysis. You  must continually test different variations of ads, landing pages, design elements, and content to see what  resonates best with your audience.

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The ubiquitous algorithms on the web are the gatekeepers of content. They decide whether your brand  gets attention or not. It's essential to have someone on your team who has a technical understanding of  how the major digital platform algorithms work. Without that, your messaging won't get past the gates.

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Cross-Platform Integration

Your social media traffic influences your website’s search results. A/B testing on Facebook should always  inform content development on your other digital channels. Your team needs to truly understand the  bigger picture of how all your digital properties work together and balance each other.

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Setting Goals and KPIs

Without precise goals, it’s impossible to measure success. It's also crucial to know what to measure. Most  organizations don't set meaningful goals and KPIs to assess progress.

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