Mika L Schiller

I want to commend you for seeking to improve your digital marketing.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, all you want for your businesses is to get as many clients as possible and to ensure that your money was well spent. Pay per click advertising has become the preeminent ways to reach new people by a  mile…especially in the Covid-19 era where most consumers and business now live and  work on the Internet. So having a mastery of ppc advertising is an absolute must for everyone these days. However, it can be a complex, multi-faceted beast. It  often takes years to master all the nuances of the various platforms. For that reason, it’s  best to outsource this task to people with deep expertise and tons of experience.

Tablet image of data chart
Tablet image of data chart
Tablet image of data chart


Who I am and how I can make your digital outreach better...

I’ve been running digital advertising campaigns for almost a decade. My clients span across  various industries, from travel to religious services to cybersecurity. I’ve managed ad budgets  of a quarter of a million dollars for some clients.

I have a ton of experience running digital ad  campaigns on the following platforms:

Google Search and Display
SMS Text Marketing

Whether your team is just dabbling with ppc advertising or has already run campaigns, I can  take your results to a new level. I’ve done this for many clients I’ve worked with and can  confidently boast that it would work for your brand because I use a time-tested set of  techniques which I’ve developed over the years. These are techniques that revolve largely  around deep research on the target audience.  

The most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign is targeting. If you can reach the  right people, your message doesn’t even have to be particularly compelling to get their  attention because they already want what you’re selling. Finding and attracting those people  online is a bit of an art form because you have to know what their precise interests are  through thorough research. Through my years of experience, I’ve developed research  techniques that reverse engineer what’s most relevant to target audiences.

Some of my results

These are results across all industries and clients I’ve worked with

Google Search

Google Search icon
  • 8.9% average conversion rate
  • 10.4% average click through rate

The average conversion rate for Google search across all industries is 3.48%.

Google Display

Adwords Search icon
  • 4.9% average conversion rate
  • 0.97% average click through rate

The average conversion rate for Google Display across all industries is 0.72%.

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I’ve worked with over a dozen brands across 10 different industries – including Government


The government sector is often late to the game when it comes to adopting newer technologies. But government agencies are often perfect candidates for ppc advertising because they  serve such large constituencies and often have well known brands. I’ve worked with agencies like the Social Security Administration to produce blockbuster results.

Private Sector

I’ve run campaigns for brands such as American Airlines, TD Jakes Ministries and the Island of St.  Maarten Tourism Board, amongst dozens of others. I’ve produced stellar results across a wide range of industries and  would love to work with you.

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